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Victorian TAFE Teachers Reclassification Readiness Program

TAE Diploma program


We offer two TAE Diploma programs;

Both of our TAE Diploma programs are designed for trainers already working in the Vocational Education & Training sector, who are looking to invest deeply in themselves and their students in this key professional development opportunity.

Holding a TAE Diploma is essential to attaining many Head Teacher and other promotional positions, and an increasing number of RTOs are paying Trainers more when they hold at least the Dip VET.

Fortress Learning’s TAE Diploma program is perfect for those who want to enrich their practice and stand tall as leaders and educators within the VET sector.

We also offer the Victorian TAFE Teachers Reclassification Readiness Program. This program allows teachers to demonstrate all of the four requirements needed to be reclassified to AQF Level 5 according to the Victorian TAFE Teaching Staff Agreement 2018.  It includes studies in adult learning methodology, studies in teaching in a Vocational Education environment, Studies in Applied Research (linked to the Boyer framework of scholarship) and a supervised Practicum of 200 hours.