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TAE Single units


We offer the following units from the TAE training package as standalone single units;

As a professional Trainer and Assessor, you need to be able to design assessment tools that uphold the integrity of Australia’s
vocational education system, and that is what TAEASS502 is all about.

Every learner in the Vocational Education and Training sector is faced with new language, literacy and numeracy challenges at times. As a professional Trainer and Assessor, you need to be able to help your learners to face these challenges and develop their skills. The TAELLN411 unit enables you to develop your skills to deliver effective training to those who need it most.

We think this is an exciting unit. Why is it exciting? Because at its heart is the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and dig deep; to discover the reasons for things that have been driving us nuts or keeping us awake at night and, with those discoveries, to make recommendations for a better way of doing things.

The TAELLN501 unit is now a core unit in the TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training. This unit enables you to implement strategies to support your learners, and to support your colleagues to support their learners, too.